Text size doubled when creating or editing with SU 2022 on Windows 10

When I create a text object or I edit one, its font size increases. When I exit the text edit context, the text shrinks back to its previous size.

I have never seen that behaviour with SU on Mac OS.

I don’t see that happening on my Mac. Could you show a small file that has the problem every time you try to edit the text objects?

As I wrote, this is happening on my work Window computer.

I don’t see that strange behaviour on my Mac.

I had missed that part.

I tried lots of previous versions, and it looks like this behavior started with 2019. In 2017 and 2018 the text stays at the same size. From 2019 onwards it does look bigger when editing.

I will check in the morning to see if there is a bug report about it.

I don’t mind the edit mode enlargement myself as it makes it easier on my old eyes.

But this should be a user preference.

I totale agree with you that this should be a user preference and then, should be available on Mac also. The percentage of increase should also be user adjustable.

In some occasions, I format the text to fit more precisely with the model geometry and camera setup. Then when editing the text, I prefer that there is no enlargement. Otherwise, as it is now on Windows computer it is a trial and error process with the present situation.

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