Oversized dimensions SU 2015, only in prints - OK in workspace

I recently upgraded to Yosemite and SU 2015. All the dimensions show with 12 point text and arrows in workspace but both the text and the arrows are OVERSIZED in a print. This used to happen occasionally in SU 8 but I could solve the problem by reopening the file.

I do not want to upgrade to SU Pro.

If I change the button in the typeface portion of the font box from 12 points to height it automatically makes the fonts and arrows much bigger and shows the height as 10". This larger size is what shows up on my print as well.

I am then unable to hit the button to change it back to 12 points. I have to then close out and start over.

Bottom line - I used to be able to have the font size print the same as it seen in the workspace and now I can’t. I hope this is not a back door push to force me to buy the Pro version so I can use Layout for dimensions.

No, we wouldn’t force you, and when you work for a company, having been a customer, you soon learn that 99% of what you thought was done by commission is really by omission. Check the defaults and set it there. If you don’T know what that means, I’ll check in later and show uou.

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Oops, now that I’m at my laptop: Dimension font is part of the template, so if you use one of our templates, then modify Dimension Font in Window->Model Info, save that model as a template, and you should be good if you use that template.

Thank you Berry for your response and assurance that there is no plan to force me to buy Layout.

I copied my object, with no dimensions, and pasted it in a new file using the woodworking template. I then recreated the dimensions and went to the Model Info section and played with the fonts.

Once I hit the Height button it again changed the font to 10". I could change the height to other dimensions and it works fine. I then tried to hit the Point button, but it did not respond. Should this happen?

In the old setup the font size automatically adjusted based on the size of my print. It seems that now I can create a Template(s) that have dimensions more based on the size of my object and not final print. Odd but I guess I can work around this.