Text showing in preview and not exporting

Any ideas why I would see text correctly in the print preview but not being in an png image export.
pdf export is fine.

What font? Points or height?

They all show as being points, this is in LO. Different leaders just randomly do not show up in the export.

I think I have seen somewhere mentioned that this is a bug.

I am having the same problem. Please help.201113+Bedroom Closet.pdf (227.7 KB)

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got?

201113+Bedroom Closet.layout (12.0 MB) Here is layout file for above problem.

It may be a bug as @Anssi indicated although this is what I get when I export a png file from your file in LO2020.2.

I am not getting a PNG export as well. What should I do? I rely on Layout for my work?

Do you get a different result if you first change the viewport rendering to Hybrid?

Hi Dave,

Neither the PNG file or the JPEG file are being exported properly. I rely on this program for my work. It is not exporting properly for any project. Can you please contact SketchUp so they can let me know how to deal with this.



There are people from the SketchUp and LayOut teams who look at these threads.

Is your profile correct regarding the version you are using (2018)?

No. I am using the latest SketchUp license now.

Please update your forum profile since that information helps us help you.

It seems to export correctly when I changed it to Hybrid. So that is a temporary solution, for now. Thanks!


That’s good. Using the Hybrid rendering will give you crisper looking line work so maybe you don’t want to think of it as a workaround.

Or . . .just export to pdf and then reformat for your project if needed. I expect there is one format that will work for you. That is what I found. I changing to hybirid did not solve it for me.

Thanks! Will do.

Here is another recent thread with a description of the same problem:

has anybody ever gotten hybrid to work? It crashes every time I try to render.
I am also having problems with text not being exported. Is there a solution to this???