Layout waste of time!

When will Trimble produce a product that actually works properly?

Connect - waste of space. I have managed to share ONE model. The rest fail to convert.

Layout - No matter what I do this waste of space will not export text. This has been going on for a very long time - see my previous posts. Isn’t it about time that this bug is sorted? One field is exported. All the other text is exactly the same size.


Layout exports text just fine for me ( and I suspect for many others too ).

Why don’t you share the file and some of us will try to help you…


Same here, no issues with LayOut. I use it to generate very complex construction documents from my models.

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To which format? Which font?

Hi Guys,
I can’t share the file as it has confidential information in it. However, I overwrote the confidential information with TEXT TEXT and tried again and it worked. I have tried to upload it but it will not upload.

Why would it work this time and not the previous time? All that I have done is overwrite the text? This happens every time I export images from LAYOUT. I know it’s
impossible to say without the file.

I expect it has something to do with the text.

Probably too large to upload directly.

It would be better to see the file with the problem text. You could upload it to Drop Box and share the link via PM if you wish.

If you get this problem “all the time” as you suggest, why not just make a small test file demonstrating the problem and upload that?

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tester.layout (166.7 KB)
Ok I have created a smaller file. This is the result that I got from the export to JPG.

This is what it should have looked like

Any insights or help would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t written off human error!

why are you exporting to jpg ?

It’s not your fault.

I myself never need to export to JPG but I understand that there is currently, or used to be, a bug that causes this. So the workaround would be to export to PDF and convert that to JPG in a PDF editor like Acrobat or PDF Xchange Editor. Also make sure that you are running the latest maintenance release of SketchUp/LayOut, as I am not sure if this is already fixed.


Hi Anssi,

Yes I always keep up to date. It always happens when you need to get work done urgently. It’s so frustrating.

Is there a list of current bugs???

The developers most probably keep one. I am not associated with Trimble so I don’t have access to their internal documents.

Hi Paul,

I use a mixture of formats., I have found that if I export to jpg, or png, and then import them into powerpoint to create a client mood board, the pdf is less than half the size of the pdf created directly out of Layout. The files that I deliver to clients are pdf or jpg.


The size of PDF files exported from LayOut can be often drastically reduced with a “save optimized” or “reduce file size” function available in PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat or PDF Xchange editor. The same goes for CAD/BIM applications in general, many produce bloated PDF files.

Thanks Anssi. I will investigate further.