Text object do not export correctly as 2D graphic

Hi folks.

I cannot export correctly a scene as a 2D jpg. A large text object is shown as a large dark gray rectangle in the jpg file. All other text objects are correctly exported.

If I export as pdf it works OK.

I have no explanation for that.

Here is the file.

Tandem test.skp (131.0 KB)

And the result of jpg export.

What export option settings did you use for the jpg? I found that having anti-aliasing on causes this effect unless I increase the output pixel count.

Screen texts are odd beasts. They don’t involve any geometry, they are just dynamically drawn to the screen via OpenGL primitives.

I was using a resolution of 3258 x 1818 for export.

Anti Aliasing was ON and that was the problem.

After turning off AA, everything is OK.

Thank you very much.