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I am having trouble with a floor plan that I have made, its just a basic house plan, where I have drawn all the rooms etc. I have labeled each room in text, but when I print it, it remains blank. I am not sure what I am doing wrong?Bryant2.skp (191.9 KB)

I have attached the plan if someone would like to have a look?

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I’m running SU on a Mac OS X, so the menu for these might be a little different than what I’m seeing.


Well, you’re using Leader Text for this… which I won’t exactly say is wrong… but it scales and moves around in a manner where its unreliable for text labels that might need to be fixed in both size, and position… and it would be for those reasons that I’d argue against it.

However, just dealing with the problem at hand, and turning down the mic in the peanut gallery… you can get this to work.

At the very least reversing the faces for the floor plan geometry might be all you need to do.

But there are additional settings within the model info windows that cover text options, and choosing a different font or text size for the leader text might make a difference for your printouts too.

I did both of these steps and got the following (when saving to pdf)… Positioning is obviously poor, but it could have been improved upon—I just didn’t spend any time fixing that, so…

Ideally all of this can be done through SU’s companion program Layout. That would be the best means possible for generating printed documents from SketchUp files.

Not sure if you’re just looking to save time, or maybe not interesting in using Layout… but I’d advocate for it at least a little bit… In using it you’ll be getting more value from the money spent on SU Pro. and I think you’ll generally find the results much better.

As @JimD says, Layout is the tool for the job.

Leader text in SU is useful at times for labelling perspective drawings. If I wanted to add room names inside SU, I would use 3D text.

Here in the UK we have a very non-PC joke about a hammer being an Irishman’s screwdriver. Leader text in SU for your use is the hammer to Layout’s screwdriver. And Layout is very easy to use, even first time, providing you have set up scenes in SU first.

Hello @scott_nails

The model has a number of problems.

• It is the victim of the Detached Text Bug where Zoom Extents places the camera in outer space.
Here’s a screenshot of the model and Camera coordinates upon hitting Zoom Extents.

Here’s a reworked copy of the model where the offending text entities have been deleted.
Thanks again @eneroth3 for the Ruby snippet repair tool.

Bryant2_Rework.skp (88.7 KB)

• Some areas of what should be a simple 2D geometry floorplan have been extruded and then partially erased.

The resulting clutter will cause further issues. Neatness counts in 3D modeling.

• The unpredictable behavior of the Text is because it’s Size is set to display as 12 Points onscreen.

Set the Text Size to Height and its size will remain constant in relation to the model.

• Printing a 2D floorplan to scale requires certain Camera settings.
I.e. Top View and Parallel Projection.

The model as found had the Camera set in Perspective mode at an oblique angle.
See the Scenes in the reworked model.

Here’s a PDF print from the reworked model A4 at 1:100 scale
Bryant2_A4_1mm-100mm.pdf (14.4 KB)

See this guide to printing via SketchUp’s native print feature.

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