Printout does not look like Print Preview

When I print (from SketchUp for Web) any text which is not tied to an object prints twice - offset horizontally. Neither of these appear quite where they are in the Print Preview – which is a trial-and-error exercise because the text often must be placed far away to the left or right to appear properly in Print Preview. Text (tied to an object or not) is sometime cut off on the top or the right side, though they look fine in Print Preview.

When I tried to upload .skp file, it shows up on my PC as a .pdf.
Bedroom Cabinet Shelves (6).pdf (114.0 KB)

Here is the .skp file.
Bedroom Cabinet Shelves (4).skp (328.2 KB)

@asibert. This is the same bug i reported last year:

It was reported again by @Roberta45:

So far there has been no affirmative response that the issue is being addressed by the SketchUp team…and its VERY ANNOYING as you have to tweak the location of all your callouts so they don’t get cut off. And yes, the multiple prints of the unattached callouts is also VERY ANNOYING as they seem to also play a role in where other callouts get cut off.

Hi Alan @asibert , I just saw that you posted this the same day you posted your other issue that I just replied to…now it makes perfect sense that the other problem is due to the fact that you were using the Print function!