Text masking

Hi, I’ve created my model and have multiple text boxes around it. My question is, is there a way to mask the background of the text box? to that when i adjust the view the text is always visible.

Ah okay, thanks. I’m importing views as jpegs to put into an Autocad model is that doable in Layout?

Layout exports to dwg and dxf as well…

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Thanks both!
Another issue i’m having, is that when i hide objects they re-appear as soon as i select a scene!!

It is jpgs that i’m using

Ah right i see… I just though it’s handy for future reference but yes i guess not the answer to the question

I only use Layout to pass line work from the 3D model to Autocad, I do all my dimensioning and annotation there.

There as in within Layout?

Sorry, no there as in Autocad.

well if you want to get technical, the question was about text masking… and then about importing views into Autocad, which I find easiest with a dxf export…

Technically yes, so if someone searched text masking they’d get more answers to more questions than they bargained for… You’ve both been very helpful though and as is the case with sketchup / autocad there is always multiple answers to every question!

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My pleasure, couldn’t agree more!