Exporting Clipped Views To DWG from Layout 2016

I am trying to export some interior elevations into DWG format to hand off to an interiors consultant. The Views I have created in Layout are from Sketchup section scenes where I then trace the room outline to create a clipping mask to display only the interior wall elevation.

I have set the Layout views to vector render so that they will export as CAD line work. When I export the Layout file, the clipping mask is not respected at all, Layout is exporting the entire section for every layout view in my sheet.
Side by side view of what I have in Layout (left) and what I am getting in CAD (right):

It appears in the dwg that layout clips the exported line work at the model bounding box instead of the clipping mask I am using. Is it possible to use the clipping mask? is there a better way to do this?

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I went and tested this and can confirm that clipping masks aren’t respected when exporting to DWG. The workaround would be to make a copy of your view for every part of it you want to show, and resize the frames to display the part you want to show. You will be restricted to rectangular views, though.


We often use clipping masks in a similar way. I was just exporting a complicated site plan which utilizes a clipping mask to autocad . The view is rotated in layout so that North is up, resulting in the necessary use of a clipping mask to keep the drawing legible (the standard rectangular view you mention above rotates with the drawing). When I export to CAD, all the lines are shown just as above, obscuring text and other drawing information, making sharing between professions very difficult.

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