Text/label default baseline and kern

Hi. Could someone please tell me, when using text and labels in Layout, is there a way to set the default baseline and kern? Currently I have to do it manually after each time I create text of a label… This has been driving me crazy for years…

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Jon.

Adjusting text and saving as a template should work, if you don’t want to adjust your templates, create one document with various text settings and save it as a scrapbook.
When hovering over an element, it should pick up the set ligature etc.


This is a Mac thing…

It is, probably. Text handling on Mac uses the native panel and commonly used shortcuts across the different apps.
Not all true (font) types have the same built in ligatures so ‘default’ sometimes act as ‘none’ and vice versa.
So it might not work cross platform as well.

Edit: the workings of the scrapbook and saving text to be used in templates works in both systems (Mac and Windows) though…

you can also use the dropper tool.

Set the baseline and kern and the get the dropper tool and click on the text or label. This will store it as the default. The dropper will turn into the paint tool. You can then “paint” all the other text and labels with the same default. Generally, after that, when you go to use the text or label tool the default will be those last settings from the dropper tool.

Unless you start a new document from a template, it then sets it to the used font settings of that template.

So when encountering changes, in General, it’s because of this :slight_smile: