Text/Font Legibility

Because the text used in the`SketchUp Community website presents in a medium gray hue and it is not very dark, sometimes it is difficult to read. It is likely that others may share this observation. If possible, can the SketchUp team adjust the legibility of the font to show darker to make it easier to see?

Gee, @jvleearchitects, using Chrome under Windows, it looks reasonably dark. What are you looking through?


Seems ok to me via Safari on Mac also…

I use Mozilla Firefox as the browser of choice on a Windows 7 PC, but I also have Chrome and IE installed. The darkness of the text appears to be equal in intensity in each browser. Maybe it’s a quirk found only on my system or possibly it’s attributable to my vision. I will manually increase the size of the text from now on.

I should add that when viewing other sites, the text seems to be darker and therefore much easier to read.

You might want to fiddle with the brightness, contrast and gamma settings of your computer.
I personally find this to be one of the most legible sites that I visit.