SketchUp 2021 dimension text quality

hi all

When I add dimension text in sketchup, it seems to be pretty blurry…not actually easy to read in the model.
I have AA set to 4x.

Is this normal??

On my Mac I have AA at 8x and dimensions are not blurry.

Using Model Info → Dimensions, you can choose a larger font and also a different colour if you wish.

I’m only on 2x antialiasing, and can’t make text look like that. Do you want to reply with a small example file? Maybe something else is going wrong. I tried 0x as well:


I realized you were on aligned to dimension, so I tried that as well, still at 0x antialiasing.

Thanks Colin,

here’s a little example
example text.skp (21.9 KB)


I’m not sure why your lines are alternating between dark and lighter gray. Here is what I see with 0x and 8x Mac, and 0x Windows.



What are your display scaling settings?

Display is 100% (1080p…admitedly pretty low res) 15" and 24" monitors.

I’m just using windows screen capture to get the images…i do this alot to trade info back and forth between myself and the others working on this project.

I had a look at my nvidia settings and it’s all set to default…“let application decide” etc. I tried “emphasise Quality” and it didnt make a difference.