SketchUp TEXT on a PC vs Mac

I have create a text heavy SketchUp doc on my PC using Arial and Tahoma fonts. When I open this doc on my MAC, all the text is very different, difficult to select, edit or modify and the “entity info” palette dos not allow me to change the fonts to make the doc look the same as on my PC. Do you have any suggestions to solve this? Thank you! _victor r

In my experience it’s not uncommon for text to look different between PC and Mac in SketchUp.

Did you try adjusting it in Model Info?

What sort of text entities do you have in your SketchUp model?

Hello and thank you for your prompt reply. Is it possible to talk with on
the phone?! Ive lots if questions which have to do mostly with fixing the
text appearance of my templates as they migrate from the PC to Mac. I am
teaching a class on photovoltaics and 3 if my 15 students work on Macs and
the text is not conforming to what i see on the PC. You can call me (if
youd like at 909.210.4366). I just need to make sure i can have both PC and
Mac computers on simultaneously. Thanks!

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