Text Case Change

Can we have another basic text formatting capability of changing text case as is common in every basic text editor…?

Here is a example from Powerpoint


Big time saver to have this internally rather than having to copy/paste text into an external editor

This would be good.

I use AutoHotKey for this but while it worked in Layout for a while it then became glitchy (it has continued to work in other applications like Libre Writer and system wide as expected).

After researching the issue - it required sending ctrl-c twice to copy content to the clipboard - it worked again in Layout for some time but has recently become glitchy again.

The Shift + F3 keyboard shortcut toggles between these sentence case options. Select text first.

This works windows wide…. I.e Word, Excel, etc


Nice… Thanks Henrik… never to old to learn new tricks :slight_smile:

PS where is that documented? went thru all the W10 shortcut list and didn’t see it?

and Microsoft help they only flagged it as a shortcut for Powerpoint , Word and Excel…

thx again

Strangely, the shortcut does not work in all applications… eg does not work in Google Docs… although it has its own menu command…

Henrik - this is fantastic!

There was me being clever with an AHK script that was occasionally temperamental.

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I myself only learned it last year LOL
It works in Outlook as well, but not in the Notepad… so it`s not quite implemented windows-wide…

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