Strange text formatting behaviour

Hi there,
I may be missing something about how fonts work but…

I want to change a piece of text to ALL CAPS. I can’t see an option in Layout.

So I copy it into InDesign, hit it with my Character Style to convert it and paste it back in Layout.

It then reverts back to lower case…except when I double-click/activate the text pane, it momentarily flashes up in ALL CAPS, only to return to lower case while I’m typing.

Is there anything i can do to get around this?


You could create the text block in a text editor and save it as an RTF file which you could insert into LayOut. If you have some reason to edit the text, open it in the text editor and edit it there. Then update the reference.

Dave, thank you for getting back.
I was unaware of that and it may suit me in the future. But I’m trying to be very direct with the Working Drawings at this point. Bringing so much information together…I need to be workin “on one page”, and I need to save time where I can.

There aren’t a lot of options for text editing in LayOut. Certainly not like there are in a real text editor. Generally I find using the right tool for the job saves time and effort.

On a Mac, highlight the text, right-click, select “Transformations” and change the case as you wish. From my PC days I vaguely remember a version of this, I am not sure of the path now.

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No option like that in the Windows version.

Interesting, because that text editing function is part of macOS and works on all apps running on a Mac. There are many subtle differences between Mac and Windows SU/LO versions.

Yes there are. It’s because of differences in the operating systems and on Mac they use a number of things like the text handling offered in the OS.

Indeed. Thanks for helping explore some options.