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Just posting this to see if there is an easy fix that I’m overlooking.

I’m using Auto-Text for figure titles.

When I use this on a perspective figure, it shows “Perspective” as the scale (which I like) - but I can’t figure out how to make this auto-generated text all-caps (ie. “PERSPECTIVE”) without manual editing. Any way to access/edit/customize these viewport-referenced auto-generated Auto-Text responses?

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There isn’t a way to access the formatting of the text for those tags to make them show as all caps. Seems like a good feature request, though. Maybe there could be an option to convert selected text to all caps that would work similar to the options to add underscores and strikethroughs. And after you’ve got one set to all caps you could sample it with the eye dropper and apply it to others.

In the meantime I guess you could use a font that has only upper case glyphs.

As Dave says.

And as you say – manual editing.

If it were me I’d select the label then Convert Auto-Text to Text ( right click context menu ), then Edit Label Text and finally – on Windows – shift+F3 to cycle through text cases.

Seems tedious I guess, but I’ve just tried and it’s fairly quick to do.


I use AutoHotKey to add more functionality to Layout.

Via AHK I have a shortcut to access the Convert Auto-Text to Text menu item.

And I have the tab key set to perform a double click unless I am editing text.

Layout needs more of it’s functionality accessible to shortcuts !

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I was screwing around and created and all-caps version of an existing font, I used Verdana, and then just selected that for the label using the Scale auto text tag.

It’s a little bit of screwing around to get it done but it doesn’t take too long and it would be a one time thing. I don’t know how legit this is, though. Paul’s suggestion is probably the better one.

@PaulMcAlenan thanks for reminding me of the Shift+F3 thing. I haven’t used that for a hunnert yers.

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It was someone else on the forum who mentioned it a while back and I never knew it existed.

Up till then I was relying on an AHK script that was temperamental with Layout.

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I wanted my page name to be all caps and then realized I could just type the page name (within the Pages window) in all CAPS and the auto text would display it that way. Seems like there should be an easier way to format the text but this ended up being a good work around for me.

What would be easier than just typing the text the way you want it?

What would you do if you want all caps in text in Word or in an e-mail? Would clicking Caps Lock before typing all caps in an e-mail be a work around?

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Hi Dave. In a Word or Pages (Mac) document, I use styles for text formatting. Sometimes I need to use the same phrase throughout my document but I need it to display differently depending on the context. For example, if I’m working on a proposal, I sometimes have the project name in all caps and other times title caps depending on the context.

Specific to Layout, on the title page, I’d like the project name to be Title Caps on the sheet and Sheet Index but ALL CAPS in the title block. Make sense? The work around was fine. First world problem :wink:

I understand what you are describing regarding different text case in different parts of the document. I guess in LayOut you would need different auto text fields like ProjectName_UpperCase and ProjectName_LowerCase if you want to use Auto Text to file those fields on the different pages. At least as it stands now there’s no option to usee the same Auto Text tag with different cases.

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