Auto-text not working on 'All pages' layer

Hi, I might be being stupid, but if I put any Auto-text on my ‘all pages’ layer, it stops working. I’d like to put page number and page name boxes on every page of my template, but I can’t if that means the auto text won’t work.

Is this not a feature, or am I doing something silly?

I think it must be something you’ve set up incorrectly. Auto text will work with shared layers. Ca you share your LayOut file so we can see what you are working with?

Okay, fingers crossed it’s just me getting it wrong. Here’s the template file
Lighting Eletrical Template.layout (67.6 KB)

The AutoText tags are case sensitive. You have it written as all caps. Write it as it is shown in the AutoText list as PageName and it works. Or edit the tag in the Auto Text list in Document Setup so the tag is all caps.


Ahh okay, thank you! So new issue, is there any way to make the Page Name appear as all caps without having to write is in all caps on the Pages Tab?

No. That’s where the Auto Text comes from so it shows it the way you write it in the PAges panel.

By the way, you also need to match the case on DatePublished.

Okay, I’ll write it in all caps on the pages tab. Thank you! (Have already fixed DatePublished.) DrawingNo. still isn’t working though, and if I put DrawingTitle on the ‘All Pages’ layer it stops working too.

Sorry last question, using DatePublished is there any way the have the month written in all caps? (aka DEC 23 rather than Dec 23)

Those auto text tags don’t work in the same way as things like PageName and Page Number. Maybe @adam can clarify better than I can.

I don’t know of a way to get all caps on the month in the date. I forget but on Mac you might be able to select the text box and change to all caps in the Text menu or Contest menu.

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I was gonna say no, and I checked, and no.
I didn’t see a way to do that on mac.
Some softwares (indesign for one) can indeed switch to all caps a block of text, but not layout as far as I can see.

There is a solution. both on mac and PC.
pick an all-cap font. if you select the auto text and use an all-cap font, it will be displayed as capital letters.

Capture d’écran 2023-12-12 à 19.30.29
this is an example, I used a chrome-effect font (the first all-cap I found in my list, it’s late.) and see, it’s all caps indeed.

Thanks so much! Helpful info!!!

Using an all caps font would definitely be a workable work around. I guess it wouldn’t be all that difficult to create an all caps version of whatever font you choose.