Layout : text conversion from lower case to upper case

My architectural documents use consistently upper case text.

I typically type normally or copy-paste from other sources, then afterwards I convert the text swiftly with Shift+F3.
Alternatively, CLT+SHIFT+A should also work Windows-wide.

However I noticed that this method does not work if special characters are present in the text. After deselecting the text entity, any changes are lost. It reverts to the way I typed the text.

This appears to be a Layout specific bug, because the tricks work just fine in Windows Word.


Could Trimble look into this, please?


If I do shift F3 on the "text" it capitalises the t and goes no further.

But if there is more text in the text box and I highlight all of it, shift F3 works as expected.


LOL. Could not get more erratic than that.
Thanks for your feedback