Text box not coming to front in Layout

I have a Layout document with an autotext text box with the page name. I have it on a ‘every page’ layer’. However, I can’t get it to be visible on top of the other elements in the page. I’ve sent it to front (see image), but it’s not working. My workaround is to manually paste a text box on to every page, but can’t figure out why this text box is misbehaving. The other text boxes in the document are working just fine.

because it’s below the default layer and that viewport — I presume — is on the default layer…?

To add a bit to @PaulMcAlenan 's comment.
There is a deference between moving forward and arranging layers.
As you see in the gif the layer position in the tray is relevant, and the Align/Move to front option works within a layer.
GIF 19-02-2024 9-15-57 PM

and to add just a bit more to my compatriots…

Think of the Layers panel this way: The top most layer is closest to your eyes. The bottom, the furthest away. Unless a layer has no background, or is in a totally different space on the page, the lowest layer will always be visually blocked by any higher layer. It’s similar to Photoshop. Layout lets you stack up graphics, viewports, text, leaders, whatever you like. The layers panel gives you control of where each element is in the view.

Learn Layers and the Sketchup Panel well and you can take that amazing look you have created for yourself and get really creative.

The Bring to Front/ Send to Back… type commands work only with objects within a single layer but don’t affect the stacking order of things on different layers.

Sorry. To clarify. I know that the layers are not physical layers, this box just happens to be on a ‘every page’ page layer as it’s part of my standard sheet structure. Normally when I pull a text box in to the front, it means that it’s all visible and the other elements are seen behind. This one is behaving strangely. I added info about it being an autotext box and on an ‘every page’ layer was for information, in case this was part of the reason for the glitch.

If there is content on layers above your One Every Page layer, that would mask a text box or anything else on that On Every Page layer. Arrange will do nothing to fix that.

Ahh, OK. Is there a way to float that auto-text box above any other content? I currently have my titleblock and frame on a ‘Every page’ layer and have included the page title on that one too. While the title block details will never need to be in front or behind anything, the page title does sometimes.

Put the text on a layer above the other layers. You can make it a shared layer if you want it to show on all pages.

You need more layers in your LO file anyway.

Thanks Dave. Can you point me to a good tutorial on good practice with layers please?

learn.sketchup.com would be the first place.