Terrain rotate when I hit "toggle terrain"

Hi everyone,

I’m very confused! :slight_smile:
I have a model of my house. I’ve worked for year on it as I did a lot of renovation and an extension. I spent some time several year ago to understand how to shadow orientation and the import terrain modul worked, and I added to to my model. Since then, I have never worked with real orientation again, so I know I do not master the subject.
Nevertheless, my house orientation is fine on the maps texture I imported, and the shadows or showing as they should. I’ve lived here for 11 years. I’m sure.
Come the time to do some work in the garden, and I wanted to have a better view of the terrain, so I started to check some video, and clicked on “toggle terrain” in my model.
the result is beyond my understanding! :slight_smile:
When I click, the terrain curves show, and seem ok to me BUT the picture rotate, a lot. Like a bit more than 90°.
My first thougth was that I did something wrong with the orientation back then, and that in importing data, sketchup reset the orientation correctly. As I read here and there it should orient itself correctly if your data location is correct, which is it.
but it is not that. The new orientation is totaly wrong in regard to shadows. My house is still well oriented. It is the terrain that is not.
I guess you’ll ask me if I forced the north orientation with some extension… I’m not 100% sur about that as it has been a while, but I see that I have no such an extension installed. And it should still be there, even if not updated / activated, if I used it 3 years ago.
I still have to mention that Sketchup says this model is “correctly geo-located”.
And that if I click again on “toggl terrain”, the terrain texture goes back in place. with the good orientation in regard of the shadows.

thanks in advance for your help. I’m sure I’m missing something as I almost never use this aspect of sketchup. (I design furnitures. Not houses)

An uploaded file with the model would help.
You may have rotated the model and only its location snapshot (a group) without at the same time rotating the terrain group. Both groups were imported as two locked groups when you applied ‘Add Location’ The model stays ‘Geolocated’ and would still have the ‘Toggle Terrain’ button active. Both the snapshot and the terrain layers (version 2018 still uses the term ‘Layer’) are in the model.
Look at Layers and please upload the model or a simplified copy, replacing only the house by a few box shapes.

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Normally, to align your houses with add location tiles, you would use the Axes tool. That way you can model more easily, even though the side of the house isn’t facing north/south.

It sounds like you solved the problem originally by rotating the add location image, and in doing that you would have only rotated either the image with terrain, or the one without terrain. The other one, that was hidden at the time, would have stayed in its original orientation.

If you are still using SketchUp 2018, you would want to look at the Layers tray, and turn on both of the add location layers. Then, rotate the terrain layer geometry so that it lines up with the snapshot layer geometry.

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