Terrain Modelling For The First Time

My situation is that I would like to model an area of land and it is the first time I’ve tried.
The level information is from AutoCAD and has both points (which are small individual cross hairs, just like a plus sign) and contours.
The contours only cover about two thirds of the site.
Sandbox works with the contours but it doesn’t recognise the points as a ‘cloud’.
Hence, I can’t obtain the whole site without painstakingly doing it manually.
What is the best way to generate the site using the points if possible?
The site doesn’t undulate to a great extent (i.e. it isn’t close to Boulder, CO).
Do I need to use an extension or somehow get the points into some form of ‘cloud’?

I would start with Topo Shaper by Fredo6 from Sketchucation. It may be able to generate the surface from the points. Are the points guidepoints or short edges?

If I remember right, in AutoCad points are displayed in a style you can select, a dot, small crosses and some other options, and when imported into SketchUp they become components. Those could be exploded and the Sandbox from Scratch tool or Fredo6’s TopoShaper then used to drape a terrain surface over them.

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