Autocad nodes to Sketchup construction point for creating a terrain


At work we receive autocad files with nodes from the land survey by the surveyor in X, Y, Z coordinates.

The problem is that SketchUp does not recognize the nodes and does not import them.

By using the Fredo6 Toposhaper extension, I could see that we could create a terrain from construction points.

The question: how to convert autocad nodes to import them into construction points to create a terrain with?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Just suggesting:
Can you use a point object in Auto Cad that has some real geometry inside (PDMODE and PDSIZE system variables)? That would import into SketchUp as components that you could then explode and fit a surface using Sandbox from Contours or Photoshaper.
Traditionally surveys were supplied as 2D AutoCad drawings with the heights indicated as text objects. I used an AutoLisp script to draw a bunch of vertical lines thet took their lengths from the text values. These could, again, be used in SketchUp as a basis for a Sandbox from Contours terrain.

In reality, we receive Autocad DWG files but we work with Cadwork 2D and Cadwork Lexocad.

When I receive a DWG file, I can convert it to .2D (cadwork file).

Then I open it, I sort on what interests me and either I copy / paste on a cadwork file, or I export in DXF to reimport it in SketchUp but only with the objects that interest me. (lightweight file)

I need to test if I can create a block with the nodes or something else that would be interpreted as a component.

Thanks for your ideas ! :slight_smile: