Levels data to contours?


I have a DWG which contains text of datum levels for a site survey and I’m trying to create contour lines of the site.

AutoCAD Civil would work, but I’m on a mac so that’s not an option, but is it something sketchup could do?

I would need to create points on a flat plane and then assign a Z value which isn’t something I’ve come across.

Is this possible?

Sketchup 2015 Mac.



No, I don’t think you can manually assign an elevation to an entity. That would require a Ruby code snippet. The first thing to do is import the DWG file into Sketchup which would require Sketchup Pro. I know there are plugins for importing dxf files but can’t seem to find any for dwg.



There are several AutoLisp files you can use in AutoCAD [and compatible apps], which make elevated 3d-points based on their 2d-text values.
BUT it requires some ability to filter [purge] a copy of your DWG to have just the text [for the points] in it, before processing…
Then you’ll have a DWG with 3d-points.

Now you can import that DWG into SketchUp as a 3d-point-cloud…

Then you use a script in SketchUp to convert that point-cloud into a mesh surface.
Check SketchUcation.com/PluginStore for options… [I have one available]

However, it would be best to get a DWG with real elevations for those points.
Your surveyor should have provided one [if asked!]…
Again, there are then SketchUp scripts available to process those [already elevated] 3d-points into a surface mesh.
Search at SketchUcation.com/PluginStore

I don’t think it can be done, “all in SketchUp” ?


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