Terrain help


I’m trying to build a large terrain map using GeoLocation. I can only seem to select a region at zoom level 14. I have tried to “Add more imagery” to build a larger topo model. This works, but each time I do it they come in as separate meshes that overlap. I cannot seem to join them in order to reduce the overlapping data.

Says this on the help page: “Need to import a whole neighborhood or city, but don’t want to perform multiple imports? No problem. Zoom out a bit and easily import your large site at full resolution.”

I cannot import anything zoomed out passed level 14.
Not sure what to do…

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What is the area you are trying to import?

Using Pro 2020.
Here’s a screen shot of 2 chunks of terrain, you can see the overlapping geometry.

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That overlap is normal unless you can exactly set the regions. Better overlap than gaps I guess. You could unlock the group and edit to remove the excess.

I assume there is no way to import it as one piece of geometry?

No. If you zoom out more it just takes the same area you’d get at Zoom Level 16.