Geolocation stitching

I’d like to import a large geolocated region. Except I keep receiving errors on import. Zooming in and selecting a smaller region works just fine. So this leaves me wondering about “stitching” several 3D terrains together.

Anyone tried this before? Any tips?

You can import multiple chunks of terrain. Keep in mind that the model can quickly become bloated due to all the geometry, especially if there is a lot of variation in the terrain.


You could also try an extension like oob terrain - which allows for larger area imports. It comes at a small cost but if you find yourself doing this often then it may be worth it.

Does SU manage the connection between various terrains OR does the user have to manually connect them?

Just a once off at this stage

The user needs to do that.

Unlocking the imported objects and exploding them should take care of it at least in most cases.

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