Templates and settings when upgrading

how do you access all your templates and settings when upgrading from 2015 to 2016 ?
pls dont tell me I have to start over !!!

You can load your existing templates from SU2015. If you aren’t very computer savvy, the easiest way to do this is open the template in SU2015 and immediately save it somewhere such as the Desktop. Open SU2016, open the file you saved and save it as a template.

Toolbars you’ll have to set up manually. I usually make a screen shot of the previous version and import that into the new version so I can see the toolbar layout easily.

Extensions should be fresh installs to make sure you have the most current versions.


Setting up the new version’s interface is such a repeated waste of time when the settings could be saved to a file. Most other applications I use have ‘save settings and reload’ as standard. I wonder how many user manhours round the world are being wasted by this omission? It sometimes makes me wonder if it is worth upgrading an I often put off the procedure for weeks.