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I am a novice using CAD type programs. When I go into Preferences (Win 10) and select ‘Simple Template’ then scroll down and click on ‘Woodworking - Inches’. Are both templates activated? Or only the one that is selected last? Thanks.


The template you chose last in the preferences is the one which SketchUp uses for a new file, it doesn’t change the current and you can only have one template ‘active’.


That is what I concluded. It’s only common sense that just one template would be active at any given time. Thanks for responding.


your welcome …


Regarding templates, consider that the ones included with SketchUp are starting points. You can make changes to the template style as well as the position of the camera and save the result as a template that becomes your default. As an example, since I usually draw woodworking sorts of projects, I set the camera up to show a fairly small area–about 3 feet square–in a perspective view. I also set the camera’s field of view to 75mm–less wide than the normal default. I also set the background to white and changed the back face color to a green that I find easier to see than the default blue.


This is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this. All these years I’ve migrated fairly quickly from sketches (I never mastered drawing) to traditional drafting. I’ve downsized my work space. That is the major reason why I need to become proficient with this program. I’ve filed away in OneNote your feedback.


Remember, if you make any changes to the style, update it by clicking on the large thumbnail in the upper left corner of the Styles window so those changes will stick. I would also make that a new style–change its name and description–and save it to the Default styles library. That way you can easily retrieve it if you modify the template style in a specific model and then want to return to it.


My workshop template :


You have a template with all those components in it? Why?


So I can get my drawings faster to the workshop :slight_smile:but, seriously speaking, you can have components in your template as well, if you don’t purge before saving as template, they are in you’re component tray ( In model) You can also have scenes and section planes in your template as well.
It speeds setting things up.


True. You can add scenes and layers and components to your template if you want. Since every project is different, I add scenes and layers after I have drawn the model.


Mike, my template option does not include the prompt to ‘Always Show on Startup’. So I always have to keep checking when I startup. Usually though it is highlighted when I go to Preferences>Templates and check. More aggravating is the fact that I cannot get the change from 1/64" to 1/16" to stick. The program once closed then reopened defaults back to 1/64". I just created a Template where I made this change and saved it as “Woodworking”. So maybe this will make a difference. Not sure whether this img will show what I mean.


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