Changing Template on the fly


I am brand new to Sketchup. I know how to change templates via the Preferences menu. However, I want to create a new document (model?) with a template other than default. When I select File/New I do not have a choice.

How do I select a template on the fly. It seems cumbersome to have to go to preferences to do this every time.

I am using MacOSx with version 15.3.329 (not Pro … yet).

Sorry if this is covered somewhere in this forum … I could not find my answer via an existing post.


I am posting this one here because it is a closely related problem;

I have, by mistake managed to click or untick the “Show this on startup” or similar function. And I want to be able to chose templates when I start my precious SU up.
I have found nothing on Youtube, and so far nothing here that allows me to get that startupscreen back.

Please advice.


Help …License…dialog is.same as startup…bottom …click on start-up


You can display the startup screen in a running SketchUp by selecting Help->Welcome to Sketchup. The resulting window will also let you check or uncheck the “show on startup” box.


A template is nothing more than a skp file configured with a particular set of model info settings and contents. It is what is loaded when you start a file using New instead of with an explicit file. So, just set up blank files the way you want, and open them instead of selecting New.


sounds logical … thanks slbaumgartner


I agree, and have previously filed a Feature Request for a “New from Template” menu option that would pop up a template picklist.

It has been quite awhile though, so if you’d can file this in this new site in the Feature Request forum. The more people that request features the better.