Template file size is huge

I’ve been on an interesting, if not steep learning curve. i have been creating a layering system, fully utilizing the folder structure as I came to believe that this was the best way to go from listening and reading.

As part of the process I have completed a couple of models - residential homes - so that I could get a feel for whats going on. First house was smallish, however the file size was huge (130,00kb). Second house was larger but the file size was much smaller (39,024kb) so I must have done some learning. I also got a Tag set and Tag Folder set which I was more comfortable with by the time I’d finished model #2.

I then used this second house model as the basis for creating a template. After saving as a template I proceeded to delete the model itself and add Tags/Folders to round out the template.

This was when I got the surprise - the file size had hardly changed. It went from 39,024kb to 37,794kb. When I purged it I got it to 37,582kb.

Having no idea what was causing the file size I did another “save-as” and proceeded to delete every single Tag Folder and Tag. All that was left was Sumele in the Outliner Tray and the Untagged in the Tags Tray. However the file size was 37,460kb.

So… Help!!! What and/or where did I go wrong. It does not compute for my beginner mind that this is normal. The attached images show the three files. I went all out with the thought of cutting back on tags once understand things more, as my first model had too few tags. Thanks in advance, Ian.

Have you been using bloated models from the 3D Warehouse?

Did you purge the model of components, etc. before saving as a template?

Are you able to share any of the model files?

As @paul.mcalenan noted, purging the model and re-saving will probably do the trick to reduce file size. With components, deleting the instance(s) of components in the 3D model space does very little to reduce the file size, because the component definition (including all edges and faces) remains in the model. You can see what component definitions are (still) in the model by noting the listings in the Components panel or window of the SketchUp UI.

As noted by me in my post - steep learning curve. So, no I probably did not purge the model of components or I’m guessing i did not. I went into Outliner and did delete there. Later last night (I’m in Perth Western Australia) I thought some more - perhaps I needed to physically be in the model and delete edges and faces there as I thought that maybe they are still “in the file” although I cannot see them.

I’m no good as a gambler -if there are only two options, unfortunately i always choose the wrong one Lol.

Just as an aside - Sketchup Pro is amazingly complex - to purge the components means that you know how to purge the components. I’m not sure that I actually know what this means. i understand what the end result is, however if a beginner can think if two ways to “purge the components”, but there is only one way, then I’d choose the wrong one given i do not yet fully understand the complexities.

TDahl has also given information for me to absorb. I did a "Purge of Components. That had a great impact - Ill add a screen snip to my reply to him.

Can I upload these massive files? I thought not, hence the screen shots.

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Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion of purging components moved me forwards considerably. File size is down a lot. I have no idea what the file size should be though, due to my lack of experience. And there must be other things I do not know yet which will further reduce the file size. Just doing the component purge reduced the file by about 36%, so thanks very much.

I must say that I am worried that the only thing i can do is open a new file and slowly copy & paste each tag Folder and then the Tag itself across - one at a time. I’ve not seen a way to do a bulk copy and paste - yet.

Just tried to upload the latest file (23,000kb) but the max size needs to be 16,000 or less!!

Upload the full file to Dropbox, one drive, google drive, or similar and paste a link in a reply.

Hi Box.
Link is below. Not a fluent user of sharing, so I hope that I did it so that it is usable. Cheers, Ian.

The reason I asked you to Upload the full file was so I could clean it and leave you with your tags. You uploaded a file with no tags.
By Purging the Materials folder, deleting the hidden scale figure and the one 10mm edge I reduce the file to 79kb.
So try it yourself, go view, hidden objects on and delete the figure, select all and delete the single edge, then go to the in model materials tab and purge unused.
If you do this with your original file you should end up with the Tags intact.

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Back form a meeting now… My apologies Box. I didn’t realise the amount of help you might offer, so sent the last version. here is the first version. The only change I made from yesterday was to update the thumbnails - (I noticed this was a manual thing to do when looking over the version which I uploaded last night). Am about to look at the materials again to purge it. I did look last night and couldn’t find a way to do it. Cheers ian.

I left the scale figure and Tags.
Test-01-BasedOnModel-02Box.skp (616.1 KB)

Much obliged Box. Given the time you took, it is “easy” to accomplish. I, however am still very much in the dark. How can I view a list of steps to take. The file from which I started the process (I referred to as Model #02 earlier in the thread) is for a friend wishing to complete a renovation.

I’ve sort of “duplicated” the tags so that I can have one template for various types of work.

The tag:
“0203-GND - BULK - FLOORS - HABITABLE AREAS - GRANO SLAB” also exists as
“0203-LVL1 - BULK - FLOORS - HABITABLE AREAS - GRANO SLAB” for a second storey slab and as
“0203-ZZZ - BULK - FLOORS - HABITABLE AREAS - GRANO SLAB” for an existing grano slab when a dwelling is being renovated or added to.

I think I am correct in saying this allows great flexibility for turning parts of the model on and off.

If I knew the steps you took i could accomplish what you did and learn. I’d be doing it on my original rather than the “Test” version I have been uploading.

What is the accepted process for buying someone a beer or two for helping out? Even though i do not know how/what you did to reduce the file size (yet), I certainly owe you at least a beer or two.

Each of the Trays has an option to Purge Unused, in the drop down to the right.
By purging the various tags you can remove all the things you don’t want and keep the things you do.
Or you can use Purge All from the Model Info dialog, but that will also remove the empty tags.

Help someone else when you have the opportunity, not just here on the forum.


Generally you create templates starting with an empty model. You set the Units in Model Info, arrange the style setting how you want them in the Style tray, making sure to update the style changes by clicking the style Icon. Then you can create Tags and scenes etc and Save as Template. You can make many templates for different styles of work, just save them as template and name them appropriately.
Making a Template from an existing model is the same but slightly in reverse. Make sure all the style settings are what you want, the units and so on, then delete everything in the model space, and I mean everything, Make sure all tags are visible, hidden objects and hidden geometry is turned on and use select all, then if you want to keep it as I did in your model, shift select the scale figure so it was unselected and hit delete.
Then go to the Components tray and Purge Unused, then Materials and purge, and styles, then save as template.
And just to repeat what I mentioned earlier, In Window/Model Info/Statistics there is a Purge Unused button, this will remove everything unused which will include empty tags, so if you want them in your template don’t use this button.

Thanks again. my lack of familiarity is also my biggest option. My Materials tray had been opening where I last left it, and not in the My Model window. As soon as I changed it to My Model the purge button showed up. Hitting it instantly reduced the file size from 23,782kb to 372kb. Cool. Now to see on my original model. thanks again.

I think that as the topic original poster, you have a way to mark something as the solution. Box gave you many tips, but you could mark one of them as the solution, to help future people searching for the same issue.

Thanks Colin. Learning all the time. Ticked solution for Box’s last reply, however there are tips of a few others as well…

Whilst trying to learn over the past few days i did something else which I am currently not able to undo - the pencil and tape measure (for example) now have blue/red/green axis lines. Done some looking around and typing into google but yet to get the solution. No doubt an easy fix, once i know how to…

Go to Window/Preferences/Drawing and untick Display crosshairs.