Telescopic Boom ... fun

I thought I would share my Trimble Creator graph logic of a Telescopic Boom Crane I have been working on. It is not complete but it is coming along. :smile:

[Graph Updated 08.06]

2022-10-04_15-09-05 (1)

Have fun!


Ooh, Hollywood types would like some camera boom arms I’m sure

This is so dang cool!

Hello Chris
I love it and can’t wait to see more

Thanks. To be usable and nimble in SU, I will have to swap out much of the SU structure with something a bit simpler and cleaner. The last step is to figure out the logic behind the piston jacks. It shouldn’t be to difficult. I will update here when I get it finished.


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I am pretty much done. I decided to remove the model’s lift cylinders and replaced them with cylinder nodes from Trimble Creator. I couldn’t get the correct angles to work and in using the cylinder node, I was able to simplify much of the logic without sacrificing to much detail.
I also added functionality to the outrigger arms and feet.


Ok… now I am done.
I figured out the cylinder housing logic and I added an optional “coverage” ring. I have updated the graph in the link above.


That is cool. I’m not familiar with creator. Is that something I have access to as part of SketchUp pro? Any chance of a youtube video of how you accomplished this? It is something I would definitely learn how to do.



Trimble Creator is in beta through SketchUp Labs and is currently open for you to try.

See this updated post



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Fantastic job. I could really use something similar to this for my assembly automation and robotics concepts.

By the way, in robotics, we call the “coverage ring” the “working envelope”.