Tdr error code 7

Hi There,

Facing the TDR ERROR CODE 7 issue when doing the rendering for large model.

How long will it take to resolve the TDR time out?

Is there any way to resolve this issue so that i can resume to continue work on my project?

Update the graphic card driver from the Nvidia site.

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Would you be able to provide me the link please?
I have done some research right.
Is setting TDRDELAY Value to (60secs) will help? the higher the delay value is good or bad?

Go to Nvidia’s website, and download Nvidia experience software, install it and once it’s done change the preferences from gaming to professional, the program will download and install the latest drivers automatically.

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Have checked the Nvidia control panel for updates.
I don’t see there is updates need to update.
Any other walkaround to address this error?

Try this link: Download GeForce Experience | NVIDIA

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If you download the Nvidia GeForce experience software, it’s got to change the use you’re gonna give to the gpu, there are drivers focused for gaming and drivers focused for professional work, they’re called Nvidia studio drivers.

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