TBC to Sketchup

I work for a small construction company that uses Sketchup to design projects and present them to potential customers for their approval. They print out in Layout very professionally and we are very happy with the results.

Recently, we’ve decided to streamline the bidding/design process by looking into GPS software that would easily create plans for us. We are trying Trimble Business Center. We are using the Trimble Geo. The problem we are having is TBC will not work with Sketchup. I can view in Sketchup, but I cannot edit the lines in any way. I cannot put them in any decent presentation form for the customer.

Are we doing something wrong or are the 2 not compatible?

Trimble bought different companies, sometimes they do not even know from each other…
It is a large company. You better ask here:

If you have access to Trimble Connect, you should be able to ‘Edit in SketchUp’ but then, TBC merely is designed to work with 2D output and we miss the implementation in Trimble Connect of SketchUp’s own 2D condoc producer, LayOut…

Not exactly sure what you’re trying to do but TBC has an export to Sketchup that works very well, it’ll even convert from whatever coordinate system that you are using to Sketchups origin. Also if you use a Trimble V10 or S7 robotic total station to take panoramas in the field, these will also be exported and can be used to model from. All of our survey data is processed in TBC and when needed exported to Sketchup for model refinement and creating visuals. The linework from TBC is fully editable in Sketchup.

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Just to add to my previous comment, all of our linework is processed automatically in TBC (field to finish) and is 3D if your carry elevations as you can see from this curb cut. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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