TBC versus LayOut

A lot of SketchUp users want LayOut to behave as an automated condoc-sheet producer to produce ‘professional’ drawings like the bigger brothers (Tekla, SiteVision,Trimble Business Center)

We want to be able to create take-offs from pdf or .dwg, too.
Or add any surveyor data in an easy way.

These ‘bigger brothers’ are taking elements from SketchUp’s intuitive workflow, measurements and drawing tools.

Can we have something in return?

Thought or ideas?


Hi Jack, can you point me to any info on TBC for construction documentation? I’d love to have alternatives compatible with Sketchup, that would be BIM compliant if possible, and a Trimble based one seems great.

Hi Joao, TBC is capable of managing large data sets

but I guess terrible in handling SketchUp models.

What I would like to see is some kind of ‘best of both worlds’ inside the Trimble Universe.

I have trialed TBC a while ago out of interest, but it is generally used in large infra structures, I have no need for that. But it is capable in using all the different data that get’s colleced in the field (scans, total station, photogrammaty, etc etc.)

which could be useful in our habitat ( eg. the ‘Building’ department of Trimble)

So a combo would be ideal.
TBC is (ofcourse) subscription based, but has a module based plan, you won’t need the whole suite., so maybe cheaper than Civil #D. ( ask for pricing…)

Who knows, maybe Trimble might be leveraging SketchUp to be the missing link between itself and the BIM world.

who know’s, a new era has begon :slight_smile:

“We will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one.” – Gorman

Take a look at ConDocs. It’s a plug-in that sets everything up for CD’s to be made in both SketchUp and Layout

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