Tapping with 1 or more fingers for tool modifiers and inferences

I’d like us to have better use of multi-touch on the iPad when using apple pencil.

Instead of having sub tools for every tool, I’d rather have a modifier being activated while tapping and holding a finger on screen when using the pencil.

This also goes for how shift works for inferences on the desktop. Holding shift for sticky inferences is the thing I love the most about SketchUp and there’s no equivalent on the iPad. Holding a finger on screen while drawing could do that.

Maybe, if that’s the case, holding one, two, three, four fingers while drawing could activate a different modifier.

Another thing that could happen is that, while drawing, tapping on the screen once with the finger, could cycle through all subtools for the current main tool.

These suggestions are probably not all compatible but I’d really like you to consider ways of avoiding so much arm travelling and pencil aiming and shooting at toolbars.

Less skill, less movement, more muscle memory and a faster workflow.

Of course toolbars should still be there for users that need them but I think if SU4ipad is meant to have wider adoption, I would love to have a much more fluid workflow available.


I am totally behind all of these.

Actually I was thinking the other day that the most useful thing for me would be something in the lines of making a single finger tap be selection. I go back and forth between the various select tools and move/rotate/scale/etc. If I could just drop a tap on a group or component and then keep using my tool with the pencil…

@Danimaupin what you’re describing is already possible. By adjusting the touch preferences for one-finger tap to map to the select tool. Doing this allows for you to tap to select, double tap to edit groups/components or select a face and it’s edges, triple tap to select connected geometry, or tap away from an open group/component to close it back up.

@JQL @OmarC we’ve got some stuff on the drawing board to offer an additional gesture preference to map single-finger long press to function in the way that the shift key does on desktop, for locking an inference.

Cool ideas about ways to use touch to activate alternate tool modes. All noted! :pray::pray::pray:


Thank you thank you thank you.

See you Monday in Vancouver.

That’s great @MikeTadros