Finger on screen to emulate shift

I’d really like this to happen. There are other iPad apps, like Affinity Designer, that use it. It’s great for inferences and selections.

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I’m trying out the iPad app and it is really a pleasure to model with it using the apple pencil and orbiting, panning and zooming with the other hand…

the big thing that I miss is the ability to lock the inference to a face before even start drawing on a plane, as it usually works in the desktop version.

i know is not a solution but this is how i go about it, as a right handed person i have trained my left hand to be near the inference buttons on the left so that i can quicly tap while drawing.

I also do this, however the big difference is that a shift lock (emulated with finger on screen) is faster and more intuitive, as it allows any inference to be locked. We don’t need to think which axis or direction we need before drawing, we just do it and lock any we wish.

At this point, at least in just draw mode, we need to move objects or draw something first, aknowledge what direction we need by seeing it on screen, then search for the correct button to lock it, and tap.

Shift is a one step no brainer.
Current is a 2 step and pay attention to what you’re doing.

Sketchup made me lazy, Sketchup in the garden should make me even more lazy… It works great in affinity designer…