Toggle Inference Lock in Ipad

Hi, I was trying to draw a line around 87~89 degree from the axis

Does anyone know if I can turn off the inference lock feature, cause
the line keeps getting snapped to 90 degree

I tried to rotate after drawing the line in 0 angle, it also snaps to 90 degree

I tried to draw a guide line with tape measure tool first, but it also snaps to the 90 degree

Thanks in advance, and apologize if this issue has been discussed already

When using the Line tool, look in the status bar area. One of the modifier keys will toggle inferencing, and you can choose All Off.

I realized you are using iPad. I don’t see where the status bar is shown, but the same modifier key works if you have a keyboard. As you move the line around the place, tap the Command key until the line stops snapping to the axes or to parallel and perpendicular.