How to turn x, y and z locking off?

Does anyone know how to disable x, y and z locks in general? It would be the equivalent of Autocad Ortho off. Sometimes you need to move things around without the x, y and z locking and it gets usually lock in to one of the axis which drives me crazy!!!

There is not a way to turn the inferencing engine off, generally there is no need to do so. New to 2020 is the ability to turn inferencing off temporarily only while using the line tool, this is useful for tracing operations. Sketch-up does not “Lock” in the three axis directions, it does snap to an axis direction and give you a color indicator to let you know when you are moving or drawing on axis, but there is nothing preventing you from moving an object wherever you want. Sometimes it is necessary to zoom in to place something very slightly off axis but it’s very possible.

I wonder if there is some confusion in how you are using the tool, or how your file is set up, to be clear: you are having trouble placing objects precisely when using the move tool?

Actual axis locking is turned on (when moving, for instance) by clicking on the Arrow keys.

Thank you guys for replying. The line drawing tool is a good example of what I need to do like when tracing over things. In the same vein, I need this ability when I copy or move things over as well. An example would be copying trees on a site plan when I don’t need them to follow the x, y,z paths. Would be amazing to be able to use shift +ctrl to temporarily disable it when needed. Sometimes, in a large drawing, when moving things around, objects lock in to x,y or z if the path is close to these axis so only way to not to lock in is to zoom in to the moved objects. So lots of unnecessary back and fort.

The line tool does have inference toggling now, at least since 2020.2. After you start the first line you can tap a modifier Ley (Alt for Windows, Command for Mac), and either turn inferencing off completely, or reduce it to parallel and perpendicular. It is handy for when tracing things.

Using the alt to toggle off snapping to red/green/blue axises didn’t work for me. The only workaround i found is to start the line at the free point and draw back to the end of the line and snapping to an endpoint trumps inferencing an axis.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.