Tapered scaling effect with SubD and Vertex Tools?


Maybe you are not using the selection correctly, you have to encircle the points ( same as with a mouse)
The attached is me doing it with a wacom. Clicking on a point doesnt select it?


Interesting. I use polygon and lasso selection in PowerCADD all the time.

I was trying to shift click on some vertices after starting with a bunch and was doing so with the track pad, but now I can’t seem to get that to work either.

Thanks. I really need to watch a complete tutorial.


Make sure you aren’t looking at back faces and have ignore back faces ticked.


Another shot at it with more in between vertices.

I like the results better, but I suspect there was an easier way than what I did.


Can you attach the wave model.


Sure. Starting state and two manipulations
GZ01-Wavy&Flat water v1,0.skp (630.3 KB)
GZ01-Wavy&Flat water v1,1.skp (688.4 KB)
GZ01-Wavy&Flat water v1,2.skp (1.5 MB)

I was a little thrown how to and more vertices in the last one, so I did it kind of manually with intersecting planes. I was thinking there’s probably a better way.


To look more natural, the surface of the sea/ocean with waves can be created in Blender, exported as OBJ file

and then, in SketchUp, make the transition to plane surface.


Is that “Ocean” parametric a plugin for Blender?

I’m not sure my brain can take on learning another program at this time.


It’s a modifier inside Blender 2.8 (no need to install, just download the kit and open Blender).
If you just follow the steps from Gif you will get that surface:

  • open Blender
  • click on Modifiers tab > Add modifier > Ocean
  • set Resolution, and Scale of the waves
    … and export as OBJ file.

That’s it! :wink:


Have you considered just using Tigs extrusion tools.


I wasn’t familiar with TIG’s extrusion tools.


as Ian mentioned earlier, this is the same toolset that allows you to extrude a vector line.