Advice On Smoothing Surface; Adding Additional Geometry

Hello SketchUp Community,

I’ve been building this model, a ship, for a while (this is a small part of it,) with several re-working attempts, particularly of the stern. The model is divided into 100cm “frames,” for the most part on the curving parts of the hull.

If someone has a suggestion for smoothing the edges (I mean, adding or changing geometry to make angles smoother, as apposed to using the smooth edges tool) along the hull, I would much appreciate it. The transitional part of the hull, around where the propeller projects, has been particularly problematic. I’ve tried a few methods I thought of, each resulting in a better, smoother hull than the last attempt but I thought someone would have an idea I didn’t think of.

As a side note, I previously asked for advice on another issue with this model, another part.
Thanks for the advice; it seemed to have resolved itself, though I don’t know how or why.

Vessel Stern, 25 Oct 2021.skp (657.8 KB)

Yuo might have a look at SubD from the Extension Warehouse.

Keep in mind that increasing the number of subdivisions in your mesh will quickly bloat the file. It would easily get to the point of being unusable. Especially with your graphics processor.


Before subdividing.

After subdividing the entire thing.

File size in SU2021 is 91.4 Mb.

You could split it into small chunks and sub divide only those whichw ould help but the same concern is going to be present.

Thanks for the suggestion. The file, as it currently stands, before completing the structure above the hull is nearly 20 megabytes, so I’m not looking to add a huge amount of edges, if it can be avoided.

Maybe it was the way I asked the question but what I’m looking to achieve is a smoother skin along the hull. The undesirable angle between some of the frames sections is because the frames are not on a smooth curve to each other. I would like a way of lessening the angles between the sections in whole.
I don’t think I’m explaining it as well as it could be.

I’ll have a look for the plug-in, SubD and see how it works.