Tape measure tool, how do you snap to a measurement repeatedly?

Hey, I design cabinets and want to know if I can snap the tape measure tool when making guidelines to 5/8 measurements. Up to this point, I have had to repeatedly type 5/8 for the cabinet door overlay all around the face frame. A past time it did snap to 5/8 by just slowly dragging out but it only worked for that model. And right now for this design I’m making it snaps to 1/2 and 3/4 but not 5/8 when I drag out. I don’t know what causes it or how it works. If anyone can help, please, and thanks.

How are you placing these guidelines? Maybe copying a guideline to make a linear array would help? Maybe you don’t really need all these guidelines in the first place. Maybe there’s an easier way to do what you are trying to do.

You shouldn’t need any guidelines to create the overlaid doors on your face frames. Here’s a slab door with 5/8 in overlay on all four sides. Not a single guideline.

Do you have Length Snapping enabled in Units? That should be turned off.

I see your way works, i will keep that in mind for flat doors, although I don’t know how it would work for shaker style, I import an already made door and then stretch it out using fredoscale.

Dave would offset tool on the rectangle work just as wett before push pull to required thickness. Then if you make another door of different dimensions use the offset tool again with double-clicking (providing you haven’t used it for a different of set in the meantime)?

Yes. For slab doors Offset could be used on the rectangle, then delete the original rectangle before Push/Pull.

It’s hard to see your video because it’s so dark but it seems like you are doing a lot of extra work. I can’t tell if the door is made of five sub components or is still just a single object.