Tape measure tool 1

The tape measure tool doesn’t show marks on the diagrams to be able to use as a reference to draw on. Appreciate the help, thanks

Turn on Guides in the View menu?

Can you share an image of what you are trying to do? The tape measure creates guide lines that can be inferenced to. Of course, you can also input straight dimensions if you like and skip guides all together.

great ! I found it. However, in the past there used to be a small legend engraved into the object at the last point where the measuring tool left off from. The view menu with the Guides turned on, did help solve the problem and does show the perforated line but not the small legend mark. Either will work though,

Yes, the dimensions alternative is the substitute measure but I think it doesn’t leave a legend mark for future reference. thanks

By “legend mark” do you mean guide point? Guidepoints are created if you start from a point such as the origin or the end of an edge or an intersection. Guidelines are created if you start from an edge, and axis line, or another guideline.


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Yes, they are guide points that used to show up at the end point, where the measuring tool finishes at the end point. But the guides from the long perforated marks after finding the adjustment in the “View” menu and guides turned on will be good enough for now, thanks much !

Thanks Dave for sending the diagram, its all clear now !