Tags being assigned to faces without my intent

Hi there,

I have this problem that i cant figure out. In the process of assigning tags to objects (groups and components) i keep noticing tags being assigned to faces of objects without my intent. I’m pretty sure im not in the faces edit object level when assigning the tags, yet somehow tags assigned to faces keeps showing up. I am just in the process of building a house framing system and i need to know what is going on before this problem grows. Has this happened to anyone or could anyone give me a clue as to a possible workflow procedure that could be causing it?


The Explode can cause it…


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That must be it. I do recollect exploding groups to convert them to components.

Thank you.

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You don’'t need to do that. Just select a group and R-click to Make Component.

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You don’t need to explode a group to convert it into a component.

Right click the group and choose convert to component.

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