Issues with Components and Tags

Noob question here: Some component items, originally created under one tag cannot seem to be moved to another tag without exploding.

Upload your model so we can see how you are arranging your tags, there are a lot of different ways it could be going wrong so it’s hard to guess. Best guess is that you are assigning raw geometry to tags. All raw geometry, that is geometry not contained within a component or group should be left untagged. Only groups or components should be assigned a tag on the outside of the wrapper. So all the geometry within a component or group should remain untagged, only the outside wrapper gets a tag. So order of operations is make a shape, make it a component, assign that component to a tag. There is generally little reason for exploding groups or components, a simple double click on them will open the component for editing allowing you to change anything you want. Lets have a look at your file.