Tags are frozen? What else?

Tags don’t seem to be updating. I have the flat panes labeled as “glass” under the entity info, but when color by tag is pressed, they show up the same color as the “steel” tag. Even still, all of the glass does disappear when I turn off the glass layer. BUT all of the steel and the panes of glass that are colored as though they are on the steel tag. Doesn’t make any sense. It’s like they have two tags, but I cannot find out if that’s even possible in SketchUp?

Orsay_Bar_v1a.skp (102.1 KB)

You’ve given the Steel tag to the geometry within the group. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 9_28_2022 , 10_12_26 AM

After correcting that, the Steel tag controls visibility for the frame parts and the Glass tag controls the visibility for the glass parts as expected.
Screenshot - 9_28_2022 , 10_13_57 AM


Orsay_Bar_v1a.skp (90.2 KB)

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Thank you! I jumped into it and corrected it last week but forgot to reply here. I appreciate the breakdown!

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