Tag not working correctly in Web Version


I am trying to figure out what is going on with Tags in my project.

I have the six-sided shape assigned to Untagged.
I have the small rectangular shape assigned to the 002_top_panel tag.
I have the larger rectangular shape assigned to the 001_base tag.

All of these objects are a Group.

The eye (hide-unhide) option works for both the Untagged object and the 002_top_panel object.
Those objects hide (disappear) when I click the eye icon.

But, clicking on the eye icon for the 001_base tag in the Tags menu doesn’t do anything.
And, there isn’t an “X” for that tag. I tried I deleting the larger rectangular object thinking the delete tag function needed to be not assigned to any object.

Nor does the “Purge Unused” icon delete the 001_base tag if I reassign the larger rectangular object with a different tag. So, it seems like I am stuck with this tag.

Clicking on the eye icon in the Entity Info section does hide the larger rectangular object. But, then I have to go to the Display menu (eyeglasses) to Unhide All to see the larger rectangular object again because the Entity section closes when I click the eye icon.

Am I interpreting how tags work in this example? I watched the Help video. I think I am doing it correctly. The category for this forum said that there might be bugs in the online/web version.

If I am using the tags correctly, then is there something wrong with the 001_base tag?
The larger rectangular object is not locked as you can see from the screenshot.

I can try suggestions and attach more screenshots if necessary.
If this is a bug, where can I report it?

Your screenshot shows that you are almost certainly not using SketchUp tags appropriately. Until you are quite expert, you should never change the “active tag”, indicated by the little pencil icon, from the untagged state.

Instead, you should draw all edges and faces as untagged. Then create groups or components to contain collections that make sense as objects in your model. Finally, use the entity info tray to assign a tag to a group or component. Leave the contents of the group or component untagged.

Note the wording there, as it reflects a basic aspect of SketchUp tags: they are a property you assign to an object to control its visibility. You assign a tag to an object, you do not assign an object to a tag! They do not own, collect, gather, or organize objects in any sense other than shared visibility control. They also do not affect the way SketchUp causes edges and faces to stick to each other and intersect. That’s what groups and components do.

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