Tablets and SketchUp and tablets that run SketchUp

I bought an Ipad @ 5 years ago because the (bad word) sales demon convinced me that it was capable of running a CAD program. I use SketchUp. So with all of the increases in tablet drawing capacity etc there has got to be one now that can run SketchUp… Which ones are out there that can do this?

Just a week ago or so, I was in the Apple store looking at the iPad Pro and the Apple pencil, and just to see, I tried on it. It warned that it hasn’t been designed to handle tablets yet and, indeed, it kept crashing before I could do much, but that’s clearly almost possible. Maybe a little more encouragement to push that development?

Galaxy Note 12.2 [3 years old]

my.sketchup works ok…

not like my GTX1070 and the interface is a little different but I was able to do push /pulls moves … scene changes etc…

running it on Google Chrome Broswer with Android 4.4.2 [Samsung are slack in updating OS’s]

PS, I work my GN hard every day… it is brilliant ,

just nervous as they have not produced a new model in 3 years and

I do not want to go down the APPLE ecosystem

PS just did a few more things on the GN - it works surprisingly fast,

working with a pen the inputs are a little different, thats all,

and I will not be loading my 35 floor office tower to work on it.

Actually - if they have written this to run on an web browser…

surely it wouldn’t be a big step to run it on LINUX?

this one is capable and not that expensive any more.

For a perhaps expensive option, check the Microsoft Surface Book series. They have a Nvidia graphics system so I think that they would work well with SketchUp. Touchscreens with non-Intel graphics are still a bit rare.

Hello everyone.
Just fresh to the community and sketch up.

am very interested in trying sketchup free for start , in 2 in 1 tablet.

These are the specs:
11.6" Full HD IPS 1920x1080 .
Double OS :Google Android 5.1 / Windows 10
Prossesor Quad Core Intel Z8300 Cherry-Trail T3 64-bit 1.80 GHz

I am most worried about the prossesor. The salesman told that cherry-trail is good enough handling 3d appications.

If anyone knows something more precise about it would be very helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

SketchUp Free runs in your Internet browser. Just try it and see what happens.

Unfortunately testing the tablet is not an option before buying it. Its the last piece and its packed.

Have you already bought it?

Nope. Just trying to figure out if the processor is capable before anything.
All other specs seem o.k

I haven’t seen any reports on that processor with SketchUp but historically Intel GPU and their drivers have proven to have less than adequate support for OpenGL. I believe SketchUp Free uses WebGL, As long as you’re just using it for hobbyist use, it’ll probably be fine.

What’s the limitations of the hobbyist regarding sketchup ?

Will be possible using all the abilities of sketchup free smooth operated with this machine ?

Sorry for asking so many questions DaveR. Its always hard buying something that will prove useless in a short time.

If you’re using SketchUp for commercial use, you must use SketchUp Pro. If you are planning to use it for work, you need to be looking at the computer’s GPU for adequate OpenGL support. As I said, Intel’s track record for OpenGL support hasn’t been very good. Nvidia graphics cards and their drivers have always been the gold standard for that. I’d be looking for a computer with an Nvidia GPU.

Probably. You might be the first to try it. You could report your findings.

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DaveR, thank you very much for your information and time. Its realy valuable.

Considering those i think i will try having a test somewhere first, and report any findings.

Probably i will end up with something more powerful.

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Both the desktop computer (Pro 2018 and Make 2017) and the web browser (free) versions of Sketchup really work best with a traditional keyboard and mouse. They haven’t been optimized for touchscreen gestures, yet.

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