Table Reference

I have been trying to create referenced tables in layout to .xlsx or .csv and have encountered two issues.

  1. Bilingual tables in .csv format
    In column headings were I would like to have one cell with English text and the cell below in Portuguese text the link will only update the English text. (i.e column heading in one cell “Construction Area” and the cell below with “Àrea construção”). By removing the Portuguese characters “Á” & “çã” then the link will update the cell value.
    So it would seem that Layout does not accept accented characters or is it an ASCII UTIF version issue ?

  2. Formatting Tables in .xlsx format
    a) Whatever formatting is applied in layout to a table, it is overwritten when one updates the table
    b) When formatting is applied in the .xlsx file then the top cells will not all have the formatting of the first top cell.

On a general note:

Would have appreciated some more tutorials or warnings from Sketchup - regarding layout and all the hidden features. The “weekly SketchUp videos” … are too basic and not very informative for the above beginner level.

Also, there seems to be a pattern of “let’s divulge as little as possible about the software” … let the user explore and figure it out. So only later will it be obvious the software does not actually do as much as the marking hipe illuded.

Sketchup has come a long way… no doubt.
But I hope it “leeeeeeeeeeaps” forward in 2019 … as 2018 was a very small step forward. Would have expected more … so I can be more productive or will seriously have to reconsider my workflow.

Hoping for more … (which is exactly what Sketchup Marketing is playing on).

Thank you for your time & attetion.

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