Referenced TEXT TABLE import

I want import *.xlsx or *.ods as referenced file.

I know I can import text table as RTF to text block, but it is not referenced.
I need to change table frame line weight to smaller than 1 pts, if I can’t import *xlsx or *.ods.

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I don’t know how to do what you want and I had a similar problem. I ended up making it look the way I wanted in Exel then pasting a screen grab into layout. To update it I just deleted the screen grab and pasted a new one each time. Not ideal but it got me around the problem.

I just copy Excel’s cells then paste it into LayOut’s text box.
I can edit text in LayOut but I need to re-arrange column width, height.
It is very usefull if LayOut can import/reference the excel file just like *.skp, *.txt, and images.

LayOut 2017 supports *.xlsx as referenced table! Great THX !!