Import Excel into Layout for BOM


Is there a way to import a BOM excel into Layout Sheet? The only way I know is to convert it to a image file.
Thanks in advance, DR.


The other approach that I’ve seen is to save the spreadsheet as RTF and then insert that. A file inserted this way will appear in “Document Setup->References” just like an inserted SketchUp model or image, so that you can update it if the underlying RTF file changes.

You can also do a copy/paste to achieve this - the spreadsheet will paste as RTF, but there won’t be an RTF file visible in the References panel, so you’ll just need to re-copy/paste when data changes.



@Marc, just tried inserting a table from ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) XML format and it is not allowed.
Nor is the old OpenOffice 1.0 XML Spreadsheet format allowed.

I’d like to go on record that it would be nice if some kind of Open Specification XML Spreadsheet tables would be allowed to be inserted within Layout files.


Well, RTF Tables created in OpenOffice Writer seem to work well enough. (1.6 KB)


Thanks I will give that a try.


Hi Dan-

I’ll make sure that the ODS feature request makes it into our database if it isn’t there already.