Tables, Excel import and Skrapbook


I have seen the blog talking about Spreadsheets and Layout.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough information to describe how the “graphic table” was achieved.
it does mention Scrapbook and Styles, but I do not find solutions in either location.

I mean, one formatting feature in the graphics as issued, I cannot figure out how is achieved.
Text rotated 90. I have this in my excel file. I’ve told it to retain the formatting. It is totally absent in Layout.

Big reason for going to 2017 is improvement here.
Still a way to go.

(btw, Scrapbook is a sensored word?)


Evidently, only in the post title. And only because of the embedded (mild) swear word:
s■■■■book, but censoring is a different topic!


@My3Sons We have the text orientation issue captured and I wanted to explain how that table was achieved.

There are a few ways to create a table in LayOut either from scratch or from inserted data. In both cases editing the table functions the same. I will pick up where you had inserted the Excel file retaining the formatting. Now… double click on the table to enter the table editor. Single select a cell you want to rotate, rt. mouse click and select Rotate Text from the context menu. Select the direction you want to rotate the text.

You can resize the table a number of ways as well, by selecting a horizontal or vertical line and click dragging, or by using the context menu. Rt click again and select Size row or column to fit.

Most of the standard LayOut functions apply to editing tables… cells can be filled and the lines can be adjusted… I would encourage you to play around with the new table tool… it is quite powerful.



Attached please find a quick demo of a LayOut table that approximates the one in the article. It took me about five minutes to create this table using a combination of merged cells, cell fill, and text formatting.

ExampleTable.layout (10.2 KB)